About the Artist

Artist Lori Strickland and her husband began Lucina K. almost 20 years ago out of their Gallery of American Craft located in Tallahassee, Florida. Operating a studio that designs and manufactures for the wholesale jewelry industry, it was only natural to feature original designs at the craft gallery.  The pieces became as popular as the designs bought from other jewelry artisans and Lucina K. began selling wholesale to boutiques, catalogs and resorts all across the US and internationally. 

Lori created the first Pea Necklace when a intriguing special request was made from a customer in her gallery. “My sisters and I are like three peas in a pod, can you make us something that is like a fanciful pea?” Since that time we have made Pods with different number of peas to represent Loved Ones and Families. The peas could be Children, Grandchildren or You and Someone Special.

After her designs adorned the front of catalogs and appeared in special boutiques across the country, many have tried to imitate the idea, but none can replicate the graceful flowing lines that come from unmatched quality and craftsmanship. Each handmade pod is as unique as the wearer.


Lucina K artist Lori Strickland designs one of a kind pea pod necklaces that have graced the cover of many catalogs throughout the years.

Pea Pod Necklaces by Lucina K. featured on cover of Uncommon Goods catalog 2009 Summer. Special design with malachite stone beads instead of pearls.

AmericasMart Magazine highlights the best of wholesale market 2010. Pea Pod necklaces (right corner top) and Cork Pets (left corner bottom) by Lucina K.

Abbey Press Christmas catalog featuring the best handmade gifts. Pea pod necklaces featured Christmas 2011 catalog.

Casting Sterling Silver

Pieces begin as wax sculptures grouped together in “trees” and covered in a plaster like substance. Through the “lost wax” process the wax melts away and the space left behind become the mold cavity that melted silver is poured into.

Centrifical force pushes the melted silver into the waiting molds called “flasks”. After casting, some pieces are then turned into mold masters to reproduce the design.  Other pieces, such as the Peas in a Pod, are handmade, one at a time, and each one is unique and slightly different.

After casting, the trees of silver are cut apart and each piece is hand finished. Every piece of  the Lucina K. line is made in our studio located in Historic Quincy, Florida.

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Why We Are Unique

Lucina K. Geiser is the grandmother of Artist, Lori Strickland.  The line is named as a tribute to her faith and creative spirit.  The idea that you can try and accomplish anything were part of Lucina K.’s teaching – along with a healthy dose of cooking, sewing, painting and all manner of crafts.  Lucina K. passed away shortly before the line was launched, but she will always be present in spirit.

Every piece in our line is made by hand, just the way Lucina would have done.  We believe that handmade items bring the spirit of the maker with them wherever they are.  We are happy to share the Lucina K. spirit of Love and Creativity with you.


What Customers Are Saying

Beautiful necklace. Super well made, extremely expensive looking, even better than I had imagined. Such a unique gift for an expecting friend! Very fast shipping. Thanks!!

Absolutely beautiful!
Got this as a gift for my Mom. She loves it. It’s a delicate piece yet it is made so well that I know she will have it for many years.
I would absolutely buy from this artist again.

“Five Stars! Absolutely love this necklace! I purchased two for my mother and aunt for their 60th birthday (they are twins). It was so beautiful that I got one with green pearls for me.”